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I LOVE giving gifts. Especially small, random, no special occasion gifts. Although Fall is a special occasion all on it’s own. I saw these awesome to-go cups at Target and had to grab them. All the to-go cups I’ve seen are really boring or flat out ugly. These are super cute and at $3 something for 12 not bad at all! They inspired a little random gift giving so I thought I’d share!

I used this awesome scarf stamp set (still available) from Studio Calico. I’m not a huge stamp person (I almost always use black and grey) but I love having them around for reasons exactly like this. How CUTE did they make these cup sleeves?!

I LOVE simple projects like this because they allow me a little bit of creative time without the huge mess. I’ll definitely be using these stamps some more. I hope Target puts out Winter cups that are just as cute!

Everything else in the basket (including the little plastic cauldron) is from Target as well (where else?!) The tape wrapped around the cauldron is from The Underground┬áStudio Calico Project Life kit – I’m giving one away HERE!

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  1. If you don’t mind, could I try this out with a gift basket idea I have in mind for a visit this weekend? I will definitely give you some awesome credit on Instagram and my blog! ­čÖé

    • Allison Waken

      Of course! I posted it to hopefully inspire others to create something similar. I’d be honored!