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If you are trying to come up with a gift idea for an outdoorsy person or just someone you know that is obsessed with S’mores, I’ve got the perfect mix! This gift basket has a few things to make S’mores but also several fun extras that make it a truly thoughtful (and useful) gift!

DIY S’mores Gift Basket

August 10th is National S’mores Day but also makes me start thinking ahead to the holidays. If you love making gift baskets, August is a great time to start keeping your eyes open for thrifted baskets, and things to put inside of a fun-themed gift basket.

Here’s what’s inside this adorable DIY S’mores Gift Basket:

  • A basket with a cloth napkin (filler is just recycled brown paper).
  • Of course all the “fixins” for S’mores. I used gluten-free graham crackers for this one and added some peanut butter and of course the chocolate! Don’t forget to add some s’mores¬†roasting sticks if they don’t already have any.
  • The Puffer Hug is a fleece-lined wrap with a durable puffer outside that is meant to feel like a hug from your favorite person. It has 2 deep pockets to hold things & is easy to keep out of the way while you roast your s’mores!
  • This S’mores note set was too cute to pass up, and I love this S’mores-themed Chapstick set.
  • Pull Start Fire is SO cool. It can give you an outdoor fire in less than 5 seconds. It requires no matches or lighters, is windproof and rainproof, and can even light on wet wood. All you do is pull the string to start the fire!
  • Of course, we should always be safe and you’d be surprised how many people don’t have enough (or any) fire extinguishers. Plus I always love to add a little practicality to a fun gift.

If you’re crafty, make up a little gift tag, kitchen towel or even a S’mores station to add or gift as is. Then go make yourself a S’more while you watch The Sandlot. Don’t have a S’mores lover? How about a gift basket for a taco lover, or your friend who can’t get enough road trips.



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