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I love giving gifts, and what better way to give the gift of health and fitness than with some inspiration? If you or a friend have made a goal to improve fitness, whether it’s to feel better, or better their time in the outdoors, a gift is a perfect way to encourage them (or yourself). These are our favorite fitness gifts that will help keep you or your recipient on track all year long!

I personally am working on my fitness as I get older for just a longer happier life in general but also to improve my time in the outdoors. Longer, harder hikes, less recovery time etc. Finding products that you reach for over and over AND that make getting and staying fit easier is such a game changer.

Favorite Fitness Gifts to Keep You Inspired

  • A shaker bottle is a must but finding one that keeps your drink cold is game-changing! Ice Shaker not only keeps your drink cold for up to 30 hours, but it has a twist-off agitator that doesn’t make noise! The agitator not only mixes your drink but filters out the ice when you’re drinking. You can add fruit to it to infuse your drinks as well. Definitely a favorite and the first one we reach for around here! Check the Ice Shaker site for sales.two ice shaker bottles
  • A favorite pair of shorts. I have searched forever for these Lululemon dupes and finally found a favorite. Colton’s favorite gym shorts are these Gymshark ones.
  • My feet have never been happier hiking than in these Altra LonePeak Hikers. Everyone in the family has a pair now!
  • Hydration. There is no hydration pack, powder, or product bought more in this house than DripDrop. It just works so well, everyone loves it and it got us through 4 wrestling seasons, hiking, and a 4-day backpacking trip in the desert. We will ALWAYS have a packet or 4 on us.
  • A new outfit. Nothing gets me motivated more than a great new outfit. One with pieces that can mix and match is great, but one that screams the new season is even better! Senita is based right here in AZ & has such a fun community of women. Check them out and use code WAKEN15 to get 15% off your first purchase.

  • The best sunscreen ever. Living in AZ we have gone through our share of sunscreen. None has compared to SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen and it will be a constant gift from me for anyone who spends time in the outdoors. It is so clean feeling you have no idea it’s on!
  • Along the same line, SPF lip balm is super important as well. I really love this one and this one.
  • Kettle Gryp – I bought this last year and it is a great addition to my home gym. It turns your dumbbells into a kettlebell. I have adjustable dumbbells & it works with any weight.
  • Shokz Headphones – keep your ears open but still listen to music/podcasts/books when you’re outdoors. Not only arre they safer, they’re more comfortable too & won’t fall out since they sit on top of your ears.

Sharing things you love with others is always a great place to start when shopping for gifts. That includes yourself too! The more you love being active, the more you’ll do it!


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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