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I feel like I’m buying something new before every trip I take. It’s easy to be influenced these days and I’m always trying to figure out the best ways to get good sleep while traveling. Nothing compares to being at home in your own bed but over the years I have collected a few items I don’t leave home without. Here are the products I bought for the best sleep while traveling that I’d buy over and over again!

Sleep products on a bed

Spoiler, I have NOT found the perfect “plane pillow” and I have tried a lot. I am just not meant to get good sleep on an airplane in coach seats so I try REALLY hard to plan travel around that (I limit red eyes as much as possible).

Best Travel Products for a Good Night’s Sleep

  • Manta Sleep Mask – I actually used this a couple of times and really liked it before I realized you can move the eye cups for the PERFECT fit. Long eyelashes? No problem. You can even get cups with MORE room. Nothing gets squished in these and it keeps all the stray LED lights away (why do places have so many things with lights on them?). They have some REALLY cool new models too that I may need to try out soon. Even if you don’t think you like eye masks – give this one a try.

    If you have a traveler in your life this is a GREAT gift idea. Especially if they don’t have an eye mask they love yet.

  • This White Noise Machine – I have 2 of these because my son kept taking mine! I wasn’t a white noise person until I traveled with a friend who was and I slept SO well that night that I bought one on Amazon while I was on that trip and haven’t left home without it since. We tried several apps once on a family trip and let’s just say the machine just works SO much better.
  • A silk/satin pillowcase – I started sleeping on silk or satin for my hair and I think having that same material to sleep on wherever I go helps the familiarity (and still protects my hair). I take my cheaper ones with me when I travel in case I forget to grab it when I leave.
  • Kindle Paperwhite – I love the night version of this Kindle since the light is SO low and you can use the warm light feature on the newest model. I started reading every night and the routine has helped me tremendously in falling asleep faster. Now I don’t travel without it even if I’m only reading a couple of pages before nodding off.
  • Book Light – if I’m on true vacation and brought along a couple of books I try to pack this booklight.book light on book in the dark
  • House of Wise Sleep Gummies – I really do like these but Jared LOVES them. They have worked the best out of any Melatonin products we’ve tried. Not meant to knock you out but helps me have a full restful night’s sleep and makes such a difference. I absolutely LOVE the quality of the House of Wise products. If you haven’t tried them out yet use code ALLISON20 for 20% off your first purchase!

Products for sleep on a bed


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