Sending Love Valentine's Day Gift Basket

I have always loved Valentine’s Day because it gives the perfect reason to give out CARDS! I love paper, I love cards, I love telling people that I like them WITH cards. There’s a little feeling you get when handing someone a paper card (or dropping it in the mail). It’s that same amazing feeling you get when opening one! This “Sending Love” gift basket is the perfect idea to help spread some love around because you’re not only giving someone a sweet gift, but you’re helping them spread the love by encouraging them to send Hallmark Cards to someone they love too!

2 pitbulls' idea of a champion day

We LOVE the Westminster dog show around here. Even Chance loves to watch with us! Purina® has long been a sponsor of the Westminster Dog Show. In fact, 11 of the last 12 Westminster Best In Show Champions Were Fueled By Purina® Pro Plan®. Since Chance and Kona love Purina, we thought it would be fun to share their idea of a champion day with you since they are my little champions.