Looking for at-home coffee bar ideas? We drink coffee every morning and also love to entertain, so we switch up the “coffee corner” in our house depending on the situation. I have found that a few little things make all the difference in the convenience of your coffee bar. From a coffee maker that can brew just one cup or a whole carafe to how you display your coffee bar here are some simple but effective coffee bar ideas.

One thing a lot of people want to know is how to pay to travel. There are some really great ways you can budget and save money on monthly expenses, but I love to find ways to make extra money specifically for traveling. Whether you’re saving to pay off bills or for your next trip, we all can use ways to make some extra money.

Bring all the things or forget the one thing you really needed. This is how it used to happen every time I tried to pack the perfect carryon. I’ve flown enough over the last four years that I think I have figured out all of my normal must-haves plus some tips that make flights a bit easier and definitely less stressful. There are certain things I bring on every flight (long or short) and a certain way I like to pack it to ensure I’m not digging in my bag while elbowing the passengers next to me trying to find something.