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This Sunday is Mother’s Day and while things definitely feel different than Mother’s Days in the past, that might be all the more reason to celebrate Mom. Whether you just get her something off of her Amazon wish list, sending some flowers, or a text, don’t forget to tell Mom “Happy Mother’s Day” on Sunday. If you live in the Phoenix area – here are some ideas of things you can do on Mother’s Day this year if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Things to do in Phoenix for Mother’s Day

  • Order brunch takeout. Whether you take it to a spot in the desert to sit and eat or pick it up before she wakes up to surprise her at home, brunch is ALWAYS a good idea. Check Mom’s favorite restaurant to see if they have any specials or just pick her up her local “go-to”.
  • Go to the drive-in. There are pop up drive-ins happening around the valley but the old school original West WindWest Wind drive-in is also still open. They’re even premiering a brand new YA film (a musical remake of the 1983 film Valley Girl) that she may LOVE. It’s not easy to see a new release these days so that would be a fun surprise.
  • Go on a hike. Find a valley hike that you haven’t done before and go exploring together. Some spots are easier/less busy to do during the week but if all you have open is the weekend – give it a shot!
  • Go to the lake. I love hiking around Lake Pleasant but we keep that for the weekdays since so many people go on the weekends. They’ve adjusted their hours and usually end up closing for entries even earlier than their planned times on the weekend so definitely check into wherever you’re going beforehand or make a plan to go on a less busy day.  Boat rentals are open as well. Other valley lakes have different rules and closures/openings so be sure to research before heading out.
  • Go for a family bike ride. Early mornings or right around sunset are great times.
  • Give Mom an at-home spa day and a plan for a future (professional) spa day.
  • Drive to see a landmark or even painted murals you’ve never seen before. Fountain Hills is a good one if she’s never been. Plan to take some photos.
  • Drive through Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

    📷 Nina Riordan via the Out of Africa Facebook page
  • Walk through Historic Vulture City in Wickenburg.
  • Setup an online call (or happy hour) with other family/friends.
  • Make a themed dinner to a place she wants to travel to. Turn on music, put up decorations, and prepare food from that destination.

Whatever you decide to do, just don’t leave a bunch of dishes and laundry for her to do the next day 😉 We don’t usually plan too much on Mother’s Day since everywhere tends to get busy on a normal year so we’ll be celebrating at home this year and doing something fun together on another day.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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