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I’ve been working from home since 2012(ish) so I’m definitely not new to trying to be productive in a space that reminds you of the laundry, dishes, dinner, dusting etc. that needs to be done! With SO many more people working from home these days, we all do it a little differently. I thought I’d share the products I consider a must-have for working from home, where to get them, and why! Whether you have a dedicated office space, or you like to roam around, something here might be just what you’re looking for to improve your work-from-home experience.

Work From Home Must-Haves

  • A Stand Up Desk – I waited a while before buying one because I like to move around the house and work (or work outside when it’s nice out) but I got this FlexiSpot Esben Standing Desk UD5 and it has been awesome. It gives me a place to keep things I’m currently working on, a space to conduct meetings/calls, and gives me somewhere to go when I really need to concentrate and feel productive. This desk was super easy to assemble, is great quality, and I can even program heights onto it so Jared & I can have our perfect height. It’s great for not only working but scrapbooking/crafts (or fly tying in Jared’s case) as well.
    They also offer standing desk converters if you already have a desk but wanted to upgrade to a standing desk!
  • A cushioned mat for under the standing desk. We can always move this out of the way if we want to sit, but since we stand the majority of the time using the desk I added this mat and it made such a difference in being able to stand for longer periods of time (usually with no shoes on).
  • A good cup – seriously, a good insulated (big) cup means more water being consumed over here. I go through phases when I use a straw and when I don’t but I’ve used the Ozark Trail brand for YEARS. It’s super inexpensive and keeps drinks cold as long as the expensive ones. When everyone started buying the handled cups, they came out with a handle to use on these ones. Love it.
  • Video conference lighting – our AZ houses don’t have the best light so extra lighting is almost necessary if you want flattering light. I like the options from Lume Cube.
  • A lap desk – since I do like to move around the house a lap desk is a must. It keeps your legs from getting hot, puts the laptop at a better angle and just makes it much more comfortable. I use this in the car too!
  • A coffee maker – we have several machines on a stand in the front room but the Ninja gets used the most!
  • A hammock & hammock stand! I can pretty much do any of my work with the above items (plus my camera equipment) but having a place that I get excited to go to means making a work to “home” transition fun and easy. Around 5pm every day or sometime before I work on dinner (even if I’m going to work later that night) I pour myself some sparkling water, or even a glass of wine, grab a book & chill on the hammock. I missed the drive to/from work because it made such a nice mental transition but this ended up being even better! If you don’t want a full hammock get yourself one of my favorite hammock chairs instead.

I’ve added a treadmill to my “office” as well as weights and a suspension trainer, but any of those things have alternatives that I switch through. These are the things I use every single day (or close to it) and that I would have to replace if they got damaged or lost or something.


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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