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I first saw these adorable pumpkins over at Danielle’s adorable blog.  I thought they were so cute and she promised that they were easy and could be done without a sewing machine.  So, I begged her to make a step by step tutorial for someone who’s sewing level was about that of a 3 year old and she delivered! 

She made a step by step tutorial and included links to basic knots and stitches (all of which I used).  I honestly didn’t even know what a backstitch was.  I had heard the term before but had no idea what it was.  Not only that I had none of the materials on hand, not even a pin to hold the fabric still.

You can find her GREAT tutorial on her blog here.  I didn’t have any scraps of fabric so I just picked up some from the scrap pile at the store and 1 fat quarter (which apparently has something to do with quilting).  My first one came apart on both ends and took me HOURS to finish.  My second one wasn’t stuffed enough, but it’s ok because I did not have a long plastic knitting needle to pull the yarn through and I never would have gotten the yarn to go around if I had stuffed it more.  My last one (the little one) turned out pretty well.  Although now I understand why you try to find floss the color of the fabric you’re using oops!

I’m pretty proud of my cute little fall decorations and I’ll definitely be sewing again.  Maybe someday I’ll take a class to try and learn the sewing machine.  One thing I do want to know though – how do you know how long a piece of floss/thread to cut?  Mine were either too short or waaaaay too long and took me forever to pull through.  Is there some sort of secret equation?

Anyway, here they are!



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  1. They’re adorable! Now I need pumpkins too. I have two bags I have planned already!

  2. Christa P.

    Those are so, so cute! And I love that they’re in nontraditional colors too!