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Look what I made for Thanksgiving!  Crust and everything.


Our elf Melvin showed up today.  The boys found him bright and early on the tree in their room.  He must have thought he’d make a good tree topper that crazy Melvin.  I can’t decide if he’s creepy or not, they did make them a little cuter this year.  Either way it’s a fun game in the morning to see where he shows up.


I’m working on a couple of projects for Christmas decorations.  We’re having so much fun!  I love the holidays for the fun traditions as well as the spiritual side.  We love celebrating Jesus’ birthday in our house.  All of these fun traditions to celebrate!

Here’s one project the boys have started, they wanted a lot of decorations in their room so they started this felt tree they cut out.  We’re going to go get some different colors of felt so they can make some ornaments to stick on.


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  1. How fun! I’d love to know more about Melvin! Sounds like a fun tradition. And I think he’s adorable! 😀

  2. I so wish my kids weren’t too old for the elf…maybe that would help with the sibling rivalry that is our everyday. Love the tree you put in their room. What a great idea.