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I am serving up The Nutro Company for Chance and Kona as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars. #HonestToDog

I’m sure you can imagine dinnertime in a house with 2 boys and 2 big dogs. I try to have most of our meals at the dinner table so we have at least one chance in the day to sit and talk together.

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.com

The dogs are always included in family activities including dinner and I swear half the time they give me a face that says “Aww this stuff again?!”. That’s why I was excited to see that with NUTRO™ Rotations™ (a grain free dog food), I could give Chance and Kona variety without worrying about the digestive troubles of mixing up food.

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.comYou don’t have to transition between bags which is awesome and makes my life easier. To make the boys’ (or dog sitters) life easier I came up with a fun way to store Kona or Chance’s favorite varieties and made it easy to see exactly whose food you’re scooping out.

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.comAn easy personalized storage jar with a photo of your pups! There are so many ways to transfer photos onto glass, but I wanted an easy solution that would stay on so I went with some “clear” adhesive labels. It isn’t perfectly clear which is actually what I wanted since both dogs have white on them and wherever the white is they’d be totally clear. Print out photos of your choice on the label paper.

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.comCut out.

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.comAnd carefully apply to the jar.

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.com

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.comFill with their favorite NUTRO™ Rotations™ natural dog food flavor of the day/week. Kona loves the Lamb and Potato.

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.com

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.comSo easy and looks adorable on the counter!

They’ve been loving their spiced up meal plan and I love that it always has meat or poultry as the first ingredient, they never use corn, wheat, chicken by-product meal or soy protein (which are allergens for my 2), made with Non-GMO ingredients and uses great quality fruits and vegetables. I think the different taste and scents keep their brains busy too. They aren’t as concerned what the other one is eating when they are trying out a new (or different than yesterday) food.

DIY personalized photo dog food jar - allforthememories.comNow if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see what else I can stick my dogs’ faces to.


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  1. Super cute idea! And easy:) It would also be helpful for anyone dog sitting if different dogs got different foods!

  2. Great project! Super cute and organized 🙂 Makes it so much easier to know who and what it’s for especially if you have kids or outside help.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  3. Oh! I just realized…this would also be really good for kids snacks. :O Like “these are Tommy’s snacks because his face is on it?!”I never would have thought of printing on clear adhesive labels before…you’ve opened up a whole new world for me.

  4. Annette Raley

    Love the picture ideas. I’d like to be a little creative to create a picture of my dog ‘and’ have it also include a bubble comment or text that implies my baby is dreaming of a lamb chop…. or chicken or salmon jumping out of the water…

    We know our babies show excitement of food and treats… that way I can see am I giving my babies lamb, chicken or salmon Rotations.

    I have 4 dogs and I would put the picture of the dog(s) that like each flavor…

    Super cool DYI…. now I am ready to try it too !!