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A while ago I posted about scrapbooking and how there are SO many ways to do it. I think a lot of people have an idea in their head about what scrapbooking is, and looks like although social media is doing a pretty awesome job of changing that!10 ways to scrapbook

The one thing that keeps me motivated is new ways of scrapbooking. New products, new formats, new techniques to try (though this is usually the last thing I do) and online inspiration keep memory keeping fun and exciting for me. I thought I’d put together a list of all the types of scrapbooking I like to do and I’d love for you to add your own in the comments below if you have others!


  1. Traditional – I’ll call traditional scrapbooking a traditional album (usually with rings) with pages inserted into page protectors. Usually sized at 12″x12″ or 8.5″x11″. The pages would have photos and/or memorabilia as well as maybe some words written about the photos or memorabilia on the page.10 ways to scrapbook
  2. Digital and/or Hybrid – Digital looks much like traditional but without all the physical layers. It is done on the computer and printed out either in a bound album or inserted into a traditional album. Hybrid would be a combination of traditional and digital.10 ways to scrapbook
  3. Project Life – a simplified version of scrapbooking started by Becky Higgins. Insert photos and cards (that you can write or type your stories on) into pocketed pages and place in a traditional album. This is closest to the original type of photo book that you’d buy and just insert your photos. You can also do Project Life digitally with the Project Life app which is incredibly convenient for those on the go a lot!

    Image from beckyhiggins.com
  4. Pocket Scrapbooking – Pocket scrapbooking is a more involved version of Project Life. Each pocket almost being a mini scrapbook itself. This feels a bit more creative and opens you up to using more embellishments and elements. Though obviously I don’t like to put rules on scrapbooking I just think of this type as a bit more involved than the Project Life that Becky started to really simplify memory keeping. 10 ways to scrapbook 10 ways to scrapbook
  5. Mini Albums – Mini albums come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of times people will use mini albums for a specific event, vacation or holiday but I use them for all kinds of things. I have several mini albums going and just like the smaller size or less restriction from pages. I’ve made Day or Week in the Life albums (inspired by Ali Edwards), Christmas minis, pet minis, Arizona adventure minis…10 ways to scrapbook 10 ways to scrapbook 10 ways to scrapbook
  6. Traveler’s Notebook – my latest favorite. Sort of a mix of scrapbooking and mini albums a traveler’s notebook is a smaller sized, bound book that is great for traveling with. Since I don’t stick to the “rules” I don’t necessarily use it just for traveling, but I really love how you can carry around a few albums with you and place each one on the shelf when you’re done and replace it with a fresh clean album to work on next. It requires a bit less supplies since all the paper is there already for you, though there is some restriction on how many layers or memorabilia you can add.10 ways to scrapbook 10 ways to scrapbook 10 ways to scrapbook
  7. Planner Scrapbooking – probably the latest big craze to hit scrapbooking, people are doing some pretty amazing things with their planners which then turn into their own gorgeous time machine of information for you or your family to go through later.photo from Lisa Truesdell at studiocalico.com
  8. Bible Journaling – I absolutely love seeing how much my friend Shana’s company Illustrated Faith has grown over the years. There is a huge community of people basically making gorgeous scrapbooks or notebooks in their Bibles. As with all scrapbooking everyone does it differently some right in their Bible, others in notebooks or mini albums. If you’ve ever read notes in the margin of a Bible from a family member than you know that it is possible for this type of journaling to be personal and a real keepsake for family.photo from Shanna Noel at illustratedfaith.com
  9. Book Bound – there are many companies making book bound albums from ones that will do it from your Instagram account automatically to the ones that you build and add on to from scratch. I’ve done these mixed in with traditional albums and because these are small and relatively inexpensive I’ll order 2 of each so both of my boys will have one.10 ways to scrapbook 10 ways to scrapbook
  10. Traditional Photo Album – Print those photos and stick them in an album, just try to take a moment to write a few notes or at the very least names and dates on the back – just like your grandma/great grandmother did.10 ways to scrapbook

Whatever type of scrapbooking you like to do or want to try, just get those photos and memories printed out and written down. While yes, a flood or fire can damage or ruin scrapbooks, it’s incredibly easy to lose it all digitally. What’s your favorite type?!

A great list of 10 ways to scrapbook


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