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I made a quilt! It is SO far from perfect but I made it. I apparently do things big or not at all because my only real previous sewing experience was 4 stockings and sewing on scrapbook paper. That’s it.

First quilt from All for the Memories

I didn’t do a ton of planning beforehand. I had some fabric from the Arizona collection by April Rhodes so I kind of just mixed and matched what I had and bought some solids to go along with it. I wasn’t crazy about the top when I finished putting it together, but it’s growing on me and this really was meant to be a quilt we could really use even while camping so perfection wasn’t needed.

First quilt from All for the Memories First quilt from All for the MemoriesI followed this tutorial while googling/YouTubing different things along the way. I kept getting stuck on how to do the actual quilting part so I finally just went for it. There are a million tutorials on how to do it which was really overwhelming! The only change I had to make was increasing the thread tension a bit. Other than that it was pretty simple!

First quilt from All for the MemoriesI didn’t wash the fabrics ahead of time because I really wanted that crinkly/worn in look after it was washed. The only downside to that was my navy fabric bled onto my white making it a bit grey, which is fine for this quilt, but may not be ok for others.

First quilt from All for the MemoriesI’m really wanting to make a gauze quilt so I think that will be my next project, though the boys are already naming their quilt requests and have taken this one over.

First quilt from All for the MemoriesI’d like another one with more white space and maybe some triangles. Have you made a quilt before? I say go for it, because if I can do it. You can definitely do it. It took me like 3 months to figure out how to properly thread my machine lol!!






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  1. It looks gorgeous, you did a great job! What a fun thing to have made that you can have for years to come.

    • AllisonWaken

      Thank you! It looks a bit better in pictures than in person, but everyone here loves it and that’s all that matters right?! I’m excited to try some more 🙂