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As I was stocking up on my favorite pizza sauce that happened to be on sale at Target I realized that I have a few favorite items that I wanted to share. They are completely random and not related at all but thought it would be fun to share! 

First up is Muir Glen organic pizza sauce. I have never liked canned pizza sauce. It’s always too sweet or too…something. This however is AWESOME. By far my favorite. It’s on sale at Target for $1.25 a can. Use for homemade pizza, english muffin or bagel “quick pizzas” for a snack for the kids, or roast a zucchini throw some of this and some mozzarella on top.


Remember I told you this was random. Next is my favorite dog toy. Kona (and Jade) is really tough on her toys. It doesn’t matter if it says it’s indestructible she’ll figure out a way to destroy it in 2 minutes. Forget soft toys, she’ll have the stuffing and squeaker out and de-squeaking in no time. She can take apart a baseball or tennis ball and won’t touch a Kong. We tried out this ball and were blown away with the fact that it wasn’t destroyed in the first day, second day, third day… AND she actually liked playing with it. She likes how she can squish it in her mouth. Now some of them have little pieces sticking out (like the strawberry) and if she’s really bored she’ll tear it apart, but the fully round ones last quite a long time! Orbee-Tuff Planet Dog ball If you have a bully breed or dog who loves to chew things up I definitely recommend these! 

Living in the desert my entire life you’d think my skin would be used to it, but no, I have super dry skin. Since I made these DIY lotion bars at the beginning of the year I haven’t used anything else. I use them for my face and body. I forgot it while on vacation a couple weeks ago and was kicking myself. I hated using storebought stuff! 

My new favorite mug from Typo. I LOVE this store and hope they will be bringing one to Phoenix soon! I got an apron, clock, 5 notebooks and this mug (the back of it says “I’ve been known to flash people” ha!) 

My GoPro – we are having SO much fun playing with the GoPro. I plan on documenting a day in the life with it soon and sharing here! 

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Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.


    • pandcsmom@gmail.com

      You’re welcome! I hope she likes them as much as Kona – try the smooth ball first (like the glow in the dark one)

  1. Thanks for the tip on the ball. My pit chews through everything (except her kong) and I’m always looking for something new!

    • Allison Waken

      You’re welcome! I hope she likes them as much as Kona – try the smooth ball first (like the glow in the dark one)