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So we had a 4 day weekend and this is THE only photo I took. I was blessed with the flu this weekend!

We went and saw the Muppet movie after Thanksgiving dinner and we loved it! They did such a great job of acknowledging the corniness and had me laughing and smiling throughout the whole movie. Big Brother has been waiting for this movie forever and he wasn’t disappointed (notice his shirt).

I tried out 2 different gluten free pie crusts this weekend and was really pleased with how both turned out! My “idiot” chocolate cake however I messed up twice. How does that happen? Guess I’m an idiot πŸ˜‰

I have no idea what I’m doing for Christmas cards this year. I always get so busy photographing everyone else that our family usually figures something out last minute. (if at all)

We did finish some furniture repainting projects that I need to photograph and share.

The only benefit to decongestants is weightloss (well and decongesting) otherwise they make me crazy!

I want to make up an advent calendar for the boys. Not sure if I want to do a book a day, or a note/activity a day. I guess we’ll see what I have time for!


How’s all that randomness for you!


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