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Last year we didn’t get around to getting the “Halloween box” from the attic. The boys finally begged me to get it down this weekend only to discover that our Halloween decor was severely lacking. A lot of it was broken and cheap so I told the boys they could pick out a few things for this year. Not really wanting to turn the house into a haunted house (so not wanting to dust all that stuff) we settled on some new skeletons!

Light (but still spooky) Halloween decor bookcase

Since the shelves of the bookcase were already clear what’s normally on them I figured we’d leave them clear of what’s normally on them we’d make it into a Halloween shelf. So it’s still light and bright but with a little bit of spookiness because of the skeletons.

Light (but still spooky) Halloween decor bookcase

The boys have named them all and are ready to add more. At least I’ve appeased their “need” for a bit of Halloween around here and still kept the house clutter free. I have an idea for the wall next to this shelf that I’ll have to share but it should be pretty darn cute (it involves photos of my cute little trick or treaters over the years).

Light (but still spooky) Halloween decor bookcase Light (but still spooky) Halloween decor bookcase Light (but still spooky) Halloween decor bookcase Light (but still spooky) Halloween decor bookcase

My mantle for now just has a pumpkin and a cinema lightbox – maybe I’ll add a few photos or candles or just more pumpkins here eventually.

The lightbox is ready! #halloween #trickortreatyoself #treatyoself #treatyoselfday

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I’m thinking I’ll just replace the Halloween decor with Christmas decor on the shelf when the time comes but what to do in between? A fall themed shelf? Jars of candy?

Do you decorate for Halloween? If you’ve posted about it (or do on social media) share here or tag me, I’d love to see!



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  1. I love these skeletons! Where did you find them?

    • AllisonWaken

      These are all from Target!