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Can you believe it is Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary?! The boys had to fill me in AND remind me that a trip to GameStop was in order the day that the new Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon were out for their Nintendo 3DS. I’ve learned over the years that instead of just tagging along with the boys it’s much more fun to learn and get involved with the stores and games they love!

Pokémon at Gamestop, learning with the boys and a quick traveler's notebook spread

I’ve learned to really like taking the boys to GameStop – it’s a chance for them to catch me up on the newest games and I learn what they like, what’s on their wish list and what all the kids are playing these days. Occasionally I pick something up for me too.

I like that we can look around and the boys can ask questions. The employees at our nearby store are always so great with us. GameStop has great trade in offers so we usually clean up some of the games we have before getting new ones. Right now you can get 20% extra credit for a trade in on an old game or accessory towards the new Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! This ends on 12/4 though so you’ll want to pop in soon!

I asked the boys (much to their delight) to catch me up on Pokémon so I’d know what they were talking about when they were playing the new games. There are four new islands to explore, new friends to make and many brand new Pokémon to discover (that’s my favorite part). When you’re in store they have plenty of great Pokémon collectibles as well. I asked the boys if I bought them some new cards if I could have an old one to use in a scrapbook page – they agreed!

Pokémon at Gamestop, learning with the boys and a quick traveler's notebook spreadPokémon at Gamestop, learning with the boys and a quick traveler's notebook spread

I forget to have someone take pictures when I do little things like this so I’m trying to be better about it. As we started I asked my oldest to snap a couple pictures and then he was off to do his own thing. I’m all about creating memories but it helps me if someone helps keep them too 😉

Here is the SUPER quick little traveler’s notebook spread I made.Pokémon at Gamestop, learning with the boys and a quick traveler's notebook spread Pokémon at Gamestop, learning with the boys and a quick traveler's notebook spread Pokémon at Gamestop, learning with the boys and a quick traveler's notebook spread

It’s not easy keeping up with the boys, but I try! Do you have a Pokémon or GameStop lover in your house too? Tell me about them in the comments for a chance to win a $100 VISA gift card that you can use to create some gaming memories together. Don’t forget to check out GameStop on Facebook and Instagram.

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Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.


  1. Lisa Brown

    i do not have a pokemon or gamestop lover in this house

  2. Lisa Brown


  3. Julie Wood

    My son is a Pokeman lover and we have a Game Stop not far from out house and my son loves going to look at all the games!

  4. Julie Wood


  5. Jessica To

    My teenage son loves to shop at Game Stop. His favorite game right now is Star Wars Battlefront.

  6. My daughter is a big Pokemon fan. She likes the tv shows and collects the cards and other items.

  7. mami2jcn


  8. My nephew is a huge Pokemon lover! He is really into the Pokemon Go game on the cell phone. I am sure he would love this game at Gamestop!

  9. Leigh Anne Borders

    I have a Pokemon fanatic in my home. He is 17 years old and grew up with them when the first came out.

  10. Dana Rodriguez

    My fiance’ is a HUGE GameStop fan! It is one of his favorite stores!

  11. Steve Weber

    None at home but my nephew loves Pokemon!

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  12. Stephanie Phelps

    Oh my oldest wants to go to work for Game Stop so he can be the first to get the games! He begs to go there all the time!

  13. my 9 yo son just got into pokemon trading cards. and the other day he just told me about the sun/moon games. i think it would be fun to play the games with him.

  14. Sarah Gillespie

    My daughter loves Pokémon and my Husband loves GameStop!

  15. Jennifer W

    My husband and daughter both love Pokemon. They love watching the show together.

  16. Jaclyn Reynolds

    All 4 of my children love Gamesstop and Pokemon. We are big Jigglypuff fans here. I could pretty much do all our Christmas shopping at Gamestop.

  17. Joan Kubes

    We all love going to GameStop . They have a great selection of new and used games!

  18. Susan Smith

    My son is a Pokeman lover and we have a Game Stop down the block from our house. He goes there often to trade in games and buy new ones.

  19. Jessie C.

    My kids are big fans of Pokémon .
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  20. Jessie C.


  21. Not in my house….but my nephew loves GameStop.

  22. Erika W.

    My son loves GameStop and Pokemon! We love playing video games together too!

  23. Elizabeth pergande

    My kids love game stop – great selection and good prices!

  24. aaron reck

    Super Mario Brothers was my favorite video game I’ve played it since I was a kid.

  25. Jill McHale

    My nephew is teaching me about modern day gaming. I had the first Nintendo. I have a lot to learn!

  26. Tee Anderson

    My son and daughter have Pokemon cards but not the app on the phone.

  27. Kristin G

    My son is a big gamer! He’s only 4, but he has a few different consoles and loves the 3DS. We enjoy going to Gamestop and picking up new games to play.

  28. Madeline

    My daughter became interested in Pokemon games last year and all she wants for Christmas this year is Pokemon Sun.

  29. We have been developing our interest in pokemon this year with both my kids playing pokemon go at first and me ending up the one unable to give it up lol. Now my daughter and I are learning the card game together and we just got the new ds game too. Quite the pokemon fan household now!

  30. My boys like to play sports games. They’ll have their friends over for pizza and play soccer. We have been able to find a controller that they needed at Game Stop before which made them pretty happy.

  31. Yes I have a huge Pokémon fan, and he’s starting to collect all the cards! He’s obsessed with getting all the EX cards! We love Playing Pokémon on the game boy too!

  32. Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    My nephews love Pokemon. They play the video games, the card games, and the apps! Its fun to talk to them about all the fun they have!

  33. My son got really interested in Pokemon thanks to his cousin. Now he’s obsessed with it!

  34. celia husmann

    My boys are Pokemon fanatics! And the hubby is getting on board as well.

  35. Surbhi K.

    I don’t have in my house yet, because my son is only 2, and I’m sure he will fall in love with Pokemon, pikachu is just too cute!

  36. Nope. Nobody here is into Game Stop or Pokemon. :-/ Sorry! Just not gamers. 😀 Hope that is OK and my entry can still count!

  37. No big gamers in my house, but my friend is a GameStop fan!

  38. Keri justice

    Yes my 7 year old son loves Pokémon! He also loves games.

  39. Angela W

    I have a son that loves Gamestop and Pokemon. I always ask him questions about the game to let him that I care about what interest him. I even try to play but that usually does not go well (I am not a gamer). He just laughs and says to try again.

  40. My husband and I both love GameStop. We’ve been enjoying an old game lately called Worms3D. We’re rocking this marriage thing.

  41. Gina Blades

    No but my nephews want Pokémon cards for Christmas.

  42. Evans B.

    I love pokemons since I was little and so glad there;s this app now! husband loves the gamestop! we truly are made for each other! lol

  43. Ellie Wright

    My grandsons love Pokemon, and they love to trade in video games at Gamestop and get new ones.

  44. I have a friend who was into Pokemon go for a while.
    Thanks for the contest.

  45. Barbara Montag

    Our grand daughter is a mega Pokemon fan.
    thank you

  46. Kimberly S

    My son is the Pokemon fan and when Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were released we were at GameStop for the midnight release. Him and his buddies love playing and talking to the guys in Hawaii about the game, and all the slang words they use in the game that they already knew. Which in turn he tells me all about the game and shows me how his Pokemon have evolved.

  47. Kathryn C

    #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    yes my nieces & nephews all love GameStop- they love getting GameStop gift cards for birthdays or Christmas. One of my nieces, who is 7, is especially crazy about Pokemon


  48. No Pkeomon or Gamestop lover here. My kids are grown, but we enjoyed video games when they were younger.

  49. shelly peterson

    My son loves Pokémon and Game Stop. He really wants Pokémon Sun.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  50. Ashley C

    No pokemon lover in this household. Not really a game stop lover either. I’ve been in a few times. My gaming is The Sims. LOL