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Every time this song comes on the radio my heart hurts. I often wonder why someone would want to put themselves through the kind of hurt a parent goes through. Of course I’d do it a million times over without a second thought, but man, the hurt and physical pain of a mama’s heart can’t be described.

I want to prepare my kids for life and learn important lessons so they can become amazing, strong, independant men, but I also just want to lock them in a perfect world where there is no pain. Where I don’t have to explain to my soft hearted 8 year old what happened to moms, dads, and kids in concentration camps (a question that was discussed in much length this weekend). Where horrifying, selfish, idiots don’t shoot and kill innocent people standing at a grocery store. Where people don’t get beat and hung for praying. 

However, without hurt and pain – love, hope, and faith just wouldn’t be. 

I will raise my children to love God, people, and this world but not to love these horrific actions. I will do my best as they are young and let them make mistakes and fail as they are getting older. I will soak up the love they so freely give now so that a little later when they may not so freely give it I’ll know it’s still there. I will capture these memories we’re making now so that we all can look back on them will hearts filled with love and laughter.

And on a lighter note, we went to have some fun at the arcade this weekend and couldn’t pass up a photo booth. Little did I know they take video too!


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.


  1. Beautiful post! And great fun captures of you with your boys – the silly ones will be loved as much as the sweet sappy ones. 🙂