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Here’s some St. Patrick’s Day cheese for you – 

My Macbook Pro is at the Drs. πŸ™ There is something wrong with the USB ports and it keeps disconnecting external drives before they’ll even load making it impossible for me to do local backups. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s just a software issue and a reload of the software is all it will take. If that’s the case I’ll upgrade the internal harddrive to get out another 6 months – year of use out of it as a machine and then I’ll buy a new one. 

My photo a day photos are on it so I won’t have those until it gets back – I still need to post last weeks!

I hope you have fun plans for the week – I am off today and tomorrow and am spending time with the boys!

Oh yeah – and I NEED this

Make ANY bag a camera bag? Yes Please! That is all.


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