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So we wanted to handcraft some fun things for our calendar swap partner.  I wanted the kids to be involved since everytime I start a craft they want to help!  If you have boys you understand that they don’t sit still very long or retain interest in one project for any length of time so I wanted some projects that were super easy, fun, and quick!

First I had really been wanting to try making a garland with paper that I had seen at several sites.  I really loved the ones that I had seen stitched but I don’t have a sewing machine so that was out of the question.  I KNEW I’d be using the gorgeous Divine Twine I bought to wrap my gifts in this year.   Check out Whitney’s other work too, she is amazing!  Anyway, I had the boys punch circles out of some different paper they had picked out using 2 different sized circle punches.  Then, I just cut a length of Divine Twine, took 2 of the same sized circles and glue-sticked them together (I think I just made a new word).  I didn’t measure lengths or anything like that (too time consuming for me).  I love how it turned out!

We also wanted to make ornaments, so while we had the paper out, I had seen some cute balls made out of paper as well.  Also, not wanting to bother measuring or anything like that, I cut some equal sized strips using the paper cutter (I think they are about 3/4” x 6”) the boys punched small holes and stuck them on to 2 brads on either end.  I attached some Divine Twine to the top.


This is how it was mailed, but all you do is spread out all the pieces of paper (on this one there is 20) to make a ball shape, and hang it up!  The baby was really upset that he couldn’t keep this so I have a feeling we’re going to be making more.


Now, these next ones we made before I had the Divine Twine and I personally think they’d be better with it.  (I am not being paid to advertise this stuff I just happed to think it’s the best stuff ever at the moment!)  Anyway, we bought some cinnamon scented pinecones at Michaels.  Yes, I live in the middle of the desert I have to buy my pinecones.  Then you squirt some white paint on a plate or bowl, have the kids gently roll the pinecone in the white paint and sprinkle on glitter!  Tie on a ribbon or string when it’s dry and you’re done!.  I used the white paint so it would look like snow.  Just using glue would dry and not give the effect I was going for.


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.


  1. What gorgeous ornaments!!! I especially love the pinecones…genius idea! 🙂

  2. Kristin Slominski

    Such good ideas!!! Matthew has his class Christmas party next week and I want to ask his teacher if we could make the pine cones!!

  3. ok, don’t think i’m weird. that comment i submitted to you last was in reference to the ornaments…not the cute couple standing in front of the red wall! i feel like a toolbox. it must have sounded really strange! the page was still loading, i guess and i just clicked on comment and i don’t know what happened. i’ll stop now. i’m making it worse!!! 🙂

  4. Allison,
    Love, love, LOVE all the crafts you created! Your garland is beautiful!
    Thanks so much for the kind words about the twine and I’m SO glad you are enjoying it!
    Have a wonderful holiday season!
    Whitney 🙂

  5. And it’s for meeee!! (ok, how greedy and un"Christmasy" does that sound?) I’m just so thrilled with all the pictures (which look like they were taken by a professional by the way…oh yea…you are!) I think it’s so awesome that your boys helped with it and I’m so sorry the lilttle one didn’t keep the ball. Now you have yet another project for this weekend! Thank you so much Allison…and I am happy to have "met" you too!

  6. you are a flippin genius, you know that?! 🙂 LOVE these!!! LOVE the ball ones and the cones… adorable adorable adorable! 🙂

  7. Creative and easy to make decoration.I'm sure you will love to make this one and you can also enjoy doing this with your kids.