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I love reading. I always have. I think I read Matilda 5 times over the summer I realized I could read chapter books (I was MUCH younger than the suggested reading age on the book). After that my parents had a hard time keeping up with my reading habit. There were lots of library trips and summer reading packages every summer. I still love reading and finally am back to a regular reading routine. I thought I’d share some fun DIY printable bookmarks to use for yourself or to give as part of a gift for the book lover in your life.

Free printable bookmarks

Bookmarks are one of those things that you can never find when you need so they are the perfect little gift to give with a gift card, Book of the Month membership, a favorite book, or just to give to the person who always has their nose in a book. These are super simple to make using the free printable file!

Free printable bookmarks

How to Make Easy Printable Bookmarks

To make these free printable bookmarks you’ll need:

To make just print the file, cut out the bookmarks, write in why you love the recipient (or leave them blank if you want the recipient to be able to give them away), punch a hole in the top, add a string, and laminate if desired.

Free printable bookmarks

So simple and yet they turn out so cute!

Free printable bookmarks

I love adding little homemade touches to gifts but often forget to make something until it’s too late to get involved with a big craft. Printables always make it quick and easy.

Free printable bookmarks

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