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If you’re looking for a bright, unique cocktail for brunch to make right at home, this is it. This citrus rum tea cocktail is made with cold-brewed tea, rum, fresh mint leaves, and is easy to make with Torani Lemon Syrup. It’s delicious and a perfect complement to the best meal of the day – brunch.

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Brunch somehow seems fancier than breakfast and I like it better anyway because you can serve a much wider variety of foods. Plus it’s fun to pair new cocktails and celebrate anything or nothing with family or friends. Torani offers 10% off their flavors of the month which is perfect for inspiring new drink recipes. I love using Torani syrups in cocktail recipes because they mix well, can be used in so many recipes, and are all made with real, simple ingredients.

How to Make a Citrus Rum Tea Cocktail

Using tea in this cocktail gives it great flavor that the Torani Syrup brings to life. The most difficult part of making this cocktail is muddling the mint (which isn’t hard at all). You can add a bit more tea or brew it stronger if you’d like a bit of a bolder tea flavor.

Citrus Rum Tea Cocktail

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Citrus Rum Tea Cocktail made with cold-brewed tea and Torani Lemon Syrup.


  • 4 mint leaves + extra for garnish

  • 1 1/2 oz. cold-brewed orange spice tea

  • 1 1/2 oz. rum

  • 1 oz. Torani Lemon Syrup


  • In a shaker, muddle together the mint leaves and Torani Lemon Syrup.
  • Fill the shaker with ice, add the remaining ingredients, and shake vigorously.
  • Pour into a cocktail or martini glass.
  • Garnish with a mint sprig.

How to Cold Brew Tea

I recently learned that Tupperware’s Cold Brew Carafe is perfect for cold brewing tea as well as coffee.  To brew tea with the carafe you use the same basic steps as you would coffee.

  1. Insert filter into the Carafe
  2. Fill the filter to the first line with loose leaf tea.
  3. Fill the Carafe to the water fill line with room temperature water.
  4. Cover and steep for 8-12 hours in the refrigerator.
  5. Remove Filter and dispose of the tea leaves (use the lid as a tray to set your filter on when you take it out and across the kitchen for clean up).
  6. Add tea to your other cocktail ingredients, mix/shake, and enjoy.

It’s so easy and makes delicious tea every time! Since I had the Tupperware Cold Brew Carafe out I figured I would try the Tupperware Quick Shake container as a cocktail shaker and it worked great! It even filtered out the mint leaves and ice when I poured the tea into the glass.

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