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Looking for a fun and delicious family activity for the holidays? Or a holiday party activity? Finding activities that keep the older teens/young adults engaged can be tough but this drink challenge is something you’ll want to add to your family holiday traditions because everyone is going to have so much fun! You can start by creating this Iced Bourbon Caramel Latte (our favorite creation) with the Ninja® DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System. It’s the perfect holiday coffee drink to add to your rotation.

If you’re looking for a great gift idea or wanted to add the perfect new coffee machine to your home coffee bar you’re definitely going to want to check out the Ninja® DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System at Ninjakitchen.com or on Amazon. I finally needed a new coffee machine and I absolutely LOVE this system. Not only does it create an amazing cup of coffee (better than my last big brand regular coffee machine) hot or over ice but you can also use coffee pods!

How to Make Iced Bourbon Caramel Latte

The recipe is so simple but tastes better to me than any new drink I’ve tried this year! All you need is some coffee, Torani Syrup, oat milk (or even any milk of your choice), and ice! The Ninja® DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System is the perfect maker for this amazing drink plus you can change it up just by using different syrups.

Iced Bourbon Caramel Latte Recipe

Recipe by Allison WakenCourse: DrinksDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




  • Coffee made with 8 oz setting using Ninja® DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System “over ice” setting

  • 1-2 oz Torani Puremade Bourbon Caramel Syrup

  • ¼ – ½  cup Oat Milk

  • Ice


  • Place ice in a large glass
  • Brew coffee using “over ice” setting on the Ninja® DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System
  • Place 1-2oz Torani Puremade Bourbon Caramel Syrup into coffee and stir
  • Use frother to froth oat milk to desired consistency
  • Pour oat milk on top of coffee until the glass is full


  • The Ninja® DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System “over ice” setting made the coffee the perfect strength for this but you could also use the specialty setting if you wanted something a bit stronger

We love all the options on the Ninja® DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System and have used it multiple times a day since. Not only for coffee but for anything that needs hot water. The best part is the hot water runs independently from the coffee so your food won’t taste like coffee! We also love the fold-away frother. Definitely check out their holiday sale if you need a new coffee system in your life or want to give one as a gift.

Holiday Family Drink Challenge

So what’s the holiday family drink challenge? It’s just a fun challenge to see who can create the best holiday drink creation. Here’s how to play:

  1. Gather holiday supplies for fun drinks – coffee, Torani Syrups, whipped cream, cocoa, cider, candy canes, caramel, fudge, cookies, etc.
  2. Find a judge
  3. Decide what the winner gets (maybe everyone has to make their favorite food/drinks for a day or week)
  4. Participants create their own holiday drink.
  5. Each drink will get a score based on taste, looks, and sales pitch.
  6. As an extra score, you can do a blind taste test with all participants at the end.
  7. Each category gets a score of 1-10 and the person with the highest score wins!
  8. You could even add on a bonus social media round where family and friends can vote online.

Honestly, you could play/score this however you wanted. It’s just a fun way to celebrate the holidays and try out some new recipes. Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with a new favorite!


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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