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I get asked this question A LOT. Especially from people who don’t, or haven’t, regularly scrapbook. Pocket scrapbooking is kind of like scrapbooking with a baseball card protector. It allows you to look at scrapbooking in a different way. I think it’s my favorite way to document every day life as well as the best way to document travel. Want to see how I do pocket scrapbooking – check out some of these posts.

I had the pleasure of going over to my amazingly talented friend Destiny’s house to show her just how easy it is to get started and thought I’d start by sharing my same thoughts here. (That’s Destiny’s first ever page made in just a few minutes)

Whether you go with Becky Higgins’ Project Life system or come up with a mix of your own here are the basics that I think you’ll want to get started.

What you need to start pocket scrapbooking


Let’s start with the bare bones basics – many of these can be picked up at your local craft store using coupons to save some money!

  1. A 12″x12″ album (three ring binder)
  2. Page protectors. I still mostly use Project Life Design A
  3. A favorite pen
  4. A paper trimmer (while you can use scissors you’ll want a paper trimmer eventually because cutting evenly by hand gets old very quickly)
  5. A Project Life core kit OR
  6. a kit club kit like my favorite Studio Calico Project Life kit where you’ll get supplies every month.
  7. Extra grid or blank cards
  8. Tiny attacher (a small stapler that allows you to see where the staples are going)
  9. Black ink – especially if you go with a kit club that has stamps!
  10. An adhesive tape glider (dry adhesive). Yes this one is big but you won’t need to refill it as often
  11. Small scissors
  12. Glue pen – for small embellishments like veneer or cork
  13. Pick up stick – not necessary but really nice if you are working with small alpha stickers or sequins

Items 1-7 would be “must haves” and 8-13 being MY must haves but maybe not necessarily yours. A lot of the 8-13 items you’ll only need if you go beyond using just cards. I prefer getting a kit each month because I don’t like the repetitiveness of using a large core kit since you have many of the same cards.

Any questions or additions?

I’ll go over how to start in another post!


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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