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Pencils, pens and erasers are a hot commodity in this house. Actually erasers seem to be non existant. While shopping at Target (where else) a few weeks ago I remember we needed pencils. I swore I just bought some but I was tired of the boys fighting over whose 1″ pencil it was that was brought from school.

Pencils are like socks. Who knows where they go but they disappear at exponential rates. I was eyeing these gold pencils but thought I should just go for the larger cheaper box when I thought, no, gold pencils would be easy to spot. The idea for the homework can was born.

I bought a 10 pack of gold pencils and a 4 pack of the big white erasers. I threw them in a tin can when we got home and told the boys that it was the homework can. I better not find gold pencils anywhere in this house besides in the homework can. You know what? It’s been 3 weeks and look – there are still 10 gold pencils in the homework can.

Seems so silly and simple but thought I’d pass it along for someone else to try in case you have a pencil eating monster in your house too.



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