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I’ve always loved sauerkraut. I don’t know if it’s in my roots or what but I could eat piles of the stuff! Within the last year or so I’ve found the most amazing brand of sauerkraut that’s not cooked to death and contains all the awesome probiotics that it’s supposed to.


People have been fermenting foods since before any of us were here and whether they knew it or not, it is SO good for you. Fermenting foods allow all kinds of awesome bugs to grow. If you can’t eat dairy or just don’t want to weed through loads of products with a mile long ingredient list – un pasturized live sauerkraut is the way to go!

They make pickles too but there’s just something about the sauerkraut that I love.

You can make your own, I just haven’t traveled down that road yet. There’s some info about doing it yourself at home on Nourished Kitchen and Detoxinista.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the benefits of ingesting probiotics but it so often comes in the form of pills or yogurt (which I’m not a huge fan of) Sauerkraut or pickles (in my opinion) is SO much better! You can eat it as a side to a meal but I often just eat some as a snack.

Keep in mind you can’t just pick up any random can of sauerkraut – it needs to be un pasturized to contain the live cultures. Bubbies is just my favorite brand taste and texture wise. I pick mine up at our local Sprouts store.

I am not compensated or in any way affiliated with Bubbies I just LOVE their product and want to share it with you.


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