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It’s July and the summer is already flying by! I’m still deciding if I want to document all of this summer in a book or album or if I just want to continue doing random pages here and there. Until then I didn’t want to do NOTHING so I took a few minutes to make a quick spread this morning. I definitely need to add more for this story on another page but it’s a start!

Traveler's Notebook spread by Allison Waken of

Instead of pulling out all the scrapbook supplies I used a few pieces I had out from another project and printed some digital designs from Paisley Press. The only thing I don’t 100% love is using pure white on this off white/grid background paper. But it’s the album I’m working on and I didn’t want to get too picky in lieu of getting something done.

Traveler's Notebook spread by Allison Waken of

I still LOVE the size of traveler’s notebooks. It’s just so accessible! I’d love to build a stash of smaller elements though to do quick pages. I reached for a few things for this from a kit and they were just too large of a scale. I wonder if anyone has a traveler’s notebook kit yet?

Traveler's Notebook spread by Allison Waken of

What are you working on for summer?!


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