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I’ve gotten some questions about how I go about my Project Life planning/creation. I so wish I could give you a detailed perfect little list but. That’s SO not me.

See this office?

That many of you “liked” on Instagram (yes besides the PC’s I know they’re ugly – they’re for my “day” job) πŸ˜‰ See how it looks so neat and organized? Yeah that’s just how it LOOKS that’s why I have all the boxes. Stuff is literally just thrown in them to look nice lol! 

As hard as I try I am just NOT an organized person. I keep deadlines/dates on my google calendar and can search emails through gmail. That’s about as organized as I get. 

For PL I use a LOT of Instagram pictures – the little description I give on those usually helps spark the memory of what I was thinking/feeling/doing in that photo.

My process usually goes something like:

– Dowload photos to computer from iPhone and camera. Pull photos to print for PL into PL folder. Open photos in Photoshop and drag onto 4×6 and size as wanted. Squares are about 2.75” x 2.75” so I can have a border at 3×3. 

– Print at home, Costco, Target, mpix.com, Millers lab – depending on how fast I want them or where I’m going that day.

– Date backs of photos after I cut them using the info from my photos on the computer

– Put photos into PL slots

– At some point put cards/patterned paper etc into the slots and create as I go with stamps, embellishments etc.

Usually the photo or Instagram note sparks my memory as for what we did/felt/heard that day or that moment. I’ll put a photo of us at the movies in and remember that I saved the stubs and go dig them out of my purse. If you notice I don’t do a lot of “Monday we did…” cards because I don’t really feel like for me that’s as important as the reason I took the photo or what I’m trying to acomplish. (Plus I don’t keep good notes)

Honestly this is what’s been working for me (even though I’m behind right now). I think if I tried too hard to keep everything in perfect order, have copious notes from each day etc. I’d get frustrated and burned out and would quit and that’s just not what this is for me. It’s a way of recording bits and pieces of our life (as unorganized as it may be). 

I’m sure that didn’t really help any of you but maybe if you’re like me made you feel a little better? If not I’m ok with being the unorganized one. It’s who I am and while I can strive to be better I’m ok with it. πŸ™‚

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Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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