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Since having the coffee party, I’ve thought up more uses for the fun coffee printable. Since I love inspiring people to think about small ways to give to others, I thought making these into a little printable tag would be the perfect way to give a large coffee gift basket or even just a small gift of a coffee mug or gift card to a friend.

Super cute printable coffee gift tag

Just print these out on cardstock, punch a hole in the top, add some string and tie onto a small gift. Exactly like the fall gift tags!

One of my favorite coffee gifts to give either along with a gift card or some coffee are to go cups. These come in handy often for everyone even if they don’t drink coffee. My boys use these a lot in the winter for cider or cocoa.

Super cute printable coffee gift tag

You can personalize these by stamping on the sleeves. I added stamped sleeves cups to a gift basket a couple of years ago and have done it quite a few times since!

Super cute printable coffee gift tag

You can also just slip the tag into a mug with some sample coffee, or a little gift card. Print on white, colored or patterned paper! Just use a heavier cardstock so they hold up.

This would make a fun hostess gift too!

Super cute printable coffee gift tag


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