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I am not the most organized person on the planet. Far from it probably. This year I decided I needed to do something other than my google calendar because while that works great (and I still use it) there is something to physically writing your plans and to-do lists down.

I’m happy to say that I’ve used my planner ALL year so far with no stopping in sight. I keep it on my desk. It’s large (8.5×11) so I don’t carry it with me but it’s perfect to sit open next to my keyboard and I jot down events, due dates, to-do lists etc

I got a Greenroom planner from Target. I haven’t seen this large size since the beginning of the year so I’m hoping they’ll have new (big) ones for next year but they definitely have smaller ones in stock still.

My absolute favorite part about this planner is the large month overview pages. I can fit pretty much everything in each day since the days aren’t super tiny.

There is a note section just after the month in review and it has a lined page and a graph page – perfection

There are also week in review pages with larger spaces to go into more detail but I’ve found that I don’t use these nearly as much as the other pages.

I also love that there is a note section and maps in the back. I’d never use the contact section but beyond that I love how this planner is put together and REALLY hope they’ll have them again for next year

Do you have a favorite planner?


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