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Can you tell he’s NOT happy? My poor baby, they went on the bumper boats and big brother was driving (I am seriously worried about teaching this child to drive in the future) and I knew he thought it would be funny to drive his brother under the waterfall, however, he wasn’t planning to get STUCK under the waterfall. They were there for maybe 3 minutes but it was most definitely the worst 3 minutes of his day LOL He got so mad he was standing up in the boat trying to get away from the water. We were yelling at him to sit down because people were still bumping into them. 

Lucky for them it was 100F this weekend so they dried up when we played some mini golf.

Thanks Mike for being the paparrazzi and taking this picture! You are right a picture IS worth 1,000 words.


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  1. your blog and work is amazing! what a talented lady!! I admire your photos and your scrapbooking style! glad I found your blog!

  2. AHHHhahahahahahaha!! that face is priceless!!! can't wait to see how you scrap that one!!

  3. This picture is amazing…love the expression and the water frozen in time! Great capture.