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I love the desert heat of summer (I know – weird) but I really love Spring in Phoenix. We’ve been outside SO much lately. During the day, when the sun is out – which only happens in the Summer if we’re in the pool.

This morning the clouds rolled in and it smelled like rain. It was perfect. So Jared made up some sweet potato hash, eggs and bacon while I brewed some Starbucks® Spring Blend 2014 in the Chemex. The boys slammed their breakfast down before ours was even plated so we decided to take ours outside. The coffee was perfect for the cold(er) weather and definitely had a more spring flavor (some berries would have been so good with it).

The weekday mornings are usually too rushed with school lunches, last minute paper signing, email answering and general weekday craziness so to sit and have breakfast together on the patio is definitely a Spring weekend exclusive.

Plus I have great entertainment.

I don’t know if I can say it’s my favorite season but it’s definitely close if not.


I can’t give you a perfect Spring breakfast on the patio but I can give you your own Starbucks® Spring Blend 2014! I’ll throw in some other Spring fun as well – it will be a surprise!

To enter for a chance to win just tell me your favorite part of spring in the comments below (make sure you leave your email address – in the form is fine) I’ll draw a winner on May 7th!


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  1. I suffer from terrible allergies so all that is beautiful in nature this time of year makes my eyes water and my sneezing doesn’t stop until June. So with that in mind, my favorite part of spring is being able to wear white after Easter. I know it’s an old fashion dictate, but it’s still observed in the South.

  2. So far this year my favorite spring memory is yesterday. We started the family weekend Friday night by going shopping for new T-shirts and out to dinner. Then yesterday we went strolling along our local street fair, then put on our new t-shirts and went to my husbands favorite restaurant for lobster and top top the night off we went to a casino to see a Quiet Riot concert. Nothing says spring like bringing back the 80’s for a few hours with the ones you love!

  3. My favourite thing is for sure the birds. I love when they start coming home and you begin to hear them singing again. So pretty.

  4. Stacie Ebnet Dietz

    I lived in the desert in So. CA for many years and agree, the heat is amazing! Right now in MN, we are planting flowers in our bare landscaping as we just moved this fall. I love Starbucks and would welcome it for mornings around here!

    • Allison Waken

      Hi Stacie! Congratulations – you won! I’ll be emailing you for your shipping info!

  5. My favorite part of spring is the longer days. I work the night shift and in the winter get down without my sun. I love spring just knowing the days are getting longer everyday.

  6. Uh, such a cute Dog 🙂
    My favourite part of spring is the awaking green: when the trees are still naked when you look at them fom far away, but if you get closer, the first buds show up and everything just seems to be a little lighter 🙂

  7. I love that we get longer days in spring! Thanks for a chance!

  8. I’m with you… LOVED this weekends weather! I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to wear long sleeves on my birthday…
    I love how everything is in bloom in AZ… the trees, the cactus, flowers!

  9. Christy Arthur

    I love all of the green leaves on the trees, the flowers blooming and fresh, bright colors after winter. And I love the crisp mornings and evenings. Thanks for the chance!

  10. My favorite thing about Spring is planting my vegetable garden. I don’t have the greenest thumb, but as each year passes with more and more experimenting/ experience under my belt, I am getting better at it. I love that my hard work in the Spring brings lots of deliciousness in the Summer.

  11. Love this weather for our soccer club family! Even this sun is strong & we must hide under the umbrella but the breeze is not like a hot blow dryer just yet! The early am is gorgeous! The orange blossoms smell yummy too! LOVE that smell!

  12. Love this weather for our soccer club family! Even this sun is strong & we must hide under the umbrella but the breeze is not like a hot blow dryer just yet! The early am is gorgeous! The orange blossoms smell yummy too! LOVE that smell!

  13. Christina Z

    I love all the new fresh green grass and all the trees blooming green and flowers.