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I love technology. I’d much rather get a new piece of tech for a birthday/mother’s day than flowers or jewelry. Here are a few of my favorite “gadgets” lately.

Favorite Tech Gadgets - from All for the Memories

My favorite that I most recently got is the Transcend JetDrive Lite. If you are like me and work on a laptop ALL the time you may have the issue of filling up storage very quickly. The JetDrive Lite is an “expansion card” that’s basically just extra storage for your computer. The benefit is that it can stay with you in your computer. See the black thing on the right of my Macbook Pro? That’s it! I can store photos, video etc on the card (up to 128GB right now) just like an external drive except that it can stay in the computer. It’s fast and gives me much more space to work with photos/video on the go. If you get one just don’t forget to add it to whatever computer backup you use (I use Backblaze as my auto backup right now).

Next up is this Kingston Digital MobileLite G4. I always take my card out of my camera to transfer photos. It’s faster and way easier on my camera. This one is all one piece, nice, solid and fast. So far it’s been my favorite card reader.

I’ve had the SOL Republic Deck for a while, but we use it all the time. It’s a wireless bluetooth speaker with great sound. We take ours out back, in the garage and all around the house all the time. We even use it when watching movies outside to boost the sound. Up to 5 people can connect to it so we can take turns playing D.J.

What are you loving lately?


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