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I’m kind of in love with the popularity of banners lately.  Circles, triangles, squares, it doesn’t matter I love them all.  There’s something so simple but so festive about them don’t you think?

I really wanted a banner for the porch but obviously paper wasn’t going to cut it.  So, I used Duct tape!  I saw something similar on a blog over the summer for a birthday party.  This stuff comes in all kinds of colors now – even clear!  I was hoping for black and glow in the dark but no luck finding it – so we went with black and blaze orange ha ha!  I used nylon string hoping it would hold up a little better, the banner went through a storm yesterday and is still up and looking good!

It’s pretty self explanatory, cut string to desired length (I melted the ends so it won’t fray) pull out a strip of duct tape (I leave it on the roll until I fold it over) fold over and cut.  You can leave it square or make it a shape like I did.  You could also tape another strip right next to it to make it bigger.

Think of all the holidays you could do this for!


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  1. OH my how cool is that. My daughter has tons of duct tape for making bracelets. I think I need to get her to make these!!

  2. You are so SICK and twisted!! I can't believe the amount of creativity you possess. I would never have thought to hang up my duct tape like that in a million years. It turned out so cool, love it! Your boys must enjoy having you as a mom.

  3. So cute!! And so easy – one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments…

  4. kelly @outlawheart81

    EEEEKKK!!!!!!!!!! (that's my over excited over joyed halloween shriek)
    i love love LOVE IT! it's driving me batty… which gives me an idea! can't say how much i ADORE these… will definitely be using this idea for halloween… and my wedding!

  5. love this idea – and how you made it weatherproof!

  6. Rmartin6107

    I was do excited to see this because I am doing a hunting camo party and decorations are rediculously hard for find and insanely expensive. I bought a roll of camo duct tape for the water bottles and have a ton left over so I thought this would be the perfect thing to add a splash of camo around the room. I'm finding it to be way more trouble than it's worth and wouldn't do this again. It looks awesome! But matching up that super sticky tape is troublesome.