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It’s been a while since I did some Disney crafting and a chance to attend the Red Carpet World Premiere of Toy Story 4 in Hollywood was the perfect excuse to make some fun Pixar inspired accessories. I wanted something subtle but that any Pixar fan could pick out. I also wanted to create an easy DIY that was versatile and could be changed up to work with many different themes. I decided on the iconic Pixar clouds. It felt like the perfect background for accessories that can be worn to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, on a Disney Cruise, at Aulani, or on an Adventures by Disney trip. They really work for anything! You can also just change out the little keychain for any Pixar character you want.

What are the Pixar Clouds?

The original Toy Story starts with Andy playing with his toys in his room. His wallpaper is this beautiful blue with an adorable repeating cloud pattern. The final shot of Toy Story 3 is of clouds in the sky and guess what they look like? Yep, the cute wallpaper from the beginning. Since then, there have been shots of the clouds as a fun “Easter Egg” in many other Pixar films.

Photo found on Reddit

How to Make a Painted Pixar Clouds Purse or Clutch

I didn’t really MAKE the clutch since I bought it already made, but I did upgrade it a bit with some hand painted clouds. If I can paint these clouds on, I promise you can too! I was hoping to just use a stencil but the leather like material was just too textured and the paint seeped underneath the stencil no matter how hard I tried to stick it down.

The easiest way to make this cloud stencil is with a cutting machine (I used my Cricut Maker). Here is the free png file to cut your own repeating Pixar Cloud pattern. Let me know if you need help walking through this from start to finish and I can make a separate tutorial. I cut it out of some vinyl I had left over from another project. The color doesn’t matter since it’s just a stencil.

If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can definitely print out the file and cut out the clouds using a precision craft knife. I’ve done this many times! It takes longer but works just as well.

To make the purse you’ll need:

The reason I wanted to use a full stencil was to not have to worry about cloud placement. I wanted the spacing to match the original wallpaper from the movie so I used a screen shot to draw my own pattern.

Place the stencil on the bag where you want the pattern. Use the stencil to lightly trace the outline of the clouds on top of your bag.

Place a bit of the paint in a bowl or on a plate and dip the tip of your paintbrush in the paint. Starting in the middle at the bottom of the clouds lightly fill in the cloud shape with light, easy strokes. Allow to dry and add more layers of paint as needed. I did about 3 coats.


  • If you mess up and the paint is still wet, just wipe it off with a damp/wet cloth.
  • When painting start in the middle of the cloud first, that way you can get the feel of the pressure of the paint before doing the edges.
  • Practice first. If you have an old bag or wallet with a similar texture that’s even better!
  • The paint said an hour to dry but it only took 10/15 minutes to dry in the light coats I was doing.

Add a tassel or fun keychain to one of the zipper pulls. I ended up taking off a pull to add my Forky keychain so that he would sit nicely on the bag. Then, proudly sport your super cute new Pixar purse!

How to Make Pixar Cloud Leather Earrings

I love the leather earring trend. They are light, inexpensive and come in so many colors. You can purchase leather material and easily cut out your own earrings with your Cricut Maker or a craft knife/scissors. I find them to be so inexpensive that I just buy my own. I found the perfect pair on Amazon and took a chance on the color. It worked perfectly!

Here’s what you’ll need to make these Pixar Cloud Leather Earrings:

Cut the cloud stencil out of vinyl with your cutting machine. Place the vinyl on the earrings and press down to smooth and adhere as best as you can. Use something like a credit card to rub across the vinyl to make sure that it’s nice and stuck down. I stuck the vinyl to the earrings as well as to cardboard or other protective surface. This helps the earrings to stay put.

Add some paint to a plate and lightly coat the spouncer with the paint. Blot the spouncer on top of the earrings over the stencil using ONLY up and down “tapping” motions. Don’t worry about bubbles, they’ll pop/even out as it dries.

The key here is to not rub or “paint” just tap up and down. This keeps the paint where it needs to be and not running underneath the stencil.

Allow to dry and repeat using 2 or 3 coats.

Once dry, carefully remove the vinyl and enjoy your new Pixar cloud earrings!


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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