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I had the bright idea that a loft bed would be great for my tween’s room. It would give him so much more space and we have 12ft ceilings so it should work great right?

I found a bed on craigslist – this one from IKEA

It was scuffed and scratched so I thought – HEY! I can spray paint it.

If you’ve ever tried to spray paint something tubular and small like this you know there is a ton of waste and it took forever. And there were issues with weather (it was 119F and windy) It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough to put up in his room.

So I spent an hour setting it up, there were parts missing that I had to track down. Once it was together (even though I had pre-measured) we realized it was HUGE and the fan is NOT at 12ft high. Then he climbed up it. It’s LOUD, we can hear him turn over in our room at the end of the hall with the door closed. THEN we tried to make the bed. A migraine later and I decided it was coming down the next day (today) after all of that.


We should have made one ourself like we did with our master bed, but I thought I was taking the easier and cheaper route.

Anyone want a loft bed? 😉


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