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So our plans changed and we weren’t going on vacation but then we decided to do a VERY shortened version instead. The puppy was already at her doggy day care and the boys already had their hearts set on Legoland. So we packed up (my mom’s car) and finally got on the road at 7:30pm to Carlsbad (about 6 hours from Phoenix). The drive was going fine (we decided to let google maps tell us how to get there) until the never-ending winding road up and down a mountain (but we aren’t talking about that stretch of the road right now 😉 ). 

Oh and guess who realized about an hour into the drive that she forgot the entire camera bag at home. At least my P&S is always in my purse! I would have cried.

We got to the hotel (Hampton Inn Carlsbad) about 2am and crashed. The hotel was very nice and clean and the boys are always excited for a good continental breakfast – especially with the fancy waffle maker!

Finally we reached (our first) destination! Legoland!

And our favorite ride at Legoland!


Big brother wanted to do the highest level (they spin you faster and upside down more) but you don’t have a choice when you’re under 55” so we did the highest level we could do for his height.

More from our vacation later!


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  1. How fun! I've never been there – definitely something I should try to do with my boys. They love Legos!