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Ok so I commited the cardinal sin of DIY bloggers – I can’t for the life of me find a proper “before” picture. I know, I know. Fortunately my husband had a blurry one on his phone so I could show you that we actually indeed do these ourselves lol! The nightstand still isn’t done but I can’t decide where or what color I want it!

I bought this dresser and nightstand at a garage sale for $20 total. A total steal. They are veneer and had been in the garage for a while and it showed. However I loved the lines and they are so heavy and sturdy I knew we could fix them up.

To fix the big chips and chunks missing on the corners Jared used a two part wood epoxy. The two part epoxy is SO much better than the single tube stuff. It dries super hard and is made to flex and move just like the wood so it doesn’t crack and fall out like other wood fillers might. You mix it together and mold it like dough/clay. It dries super hard and then you can sand it down. Once painted you can’t tell at all. With something my kids are going to use the heck out of the stronger the better!

I love how the grain of the wood still shows through and how the edges are wearing. I wasn’t too sure how I’d feel about that, but it is wearing wonderfully!

Another midcentury piece I have is this Lane cedar chest. Jared’s grandma bought it for her first house and used it until the last several years where it’s been living in the garage. I took it home and painted it up. It had wood pulls on the “drawers” (2 are false) but I think I’ll put something else on them just not sure what yet!

I haven’t figured out how to remove this felt from the bottom drawer though so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

I’m trying to hold off on buying anything new until I finish the nightstand and this chest. Hoping that will keep me motivated to get them done!


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