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Boehringer Ingelheim AH USA, reached out to bloggers like me to share our thoughts about FRONTLINE® Plus. As a participant, I received compensation for my time. Boehringer Ingelheim AH USA did not tell me what to say about FRONTLINE® Plus or my experience. Boehringer Ingelheim AH USA believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. #PetApproved #CollectiveBias My favorite time of day is dog walking time for so many reasons. So what am I protecting the dogs from? Fleas and Ticks! I was naive about flea and tick issues in the desert until I found one on Kona after a night time walk. I don’t know why I thought we didn’t have issues here but we do, especially because we take them out for walks MANY times a week in different areas. I actually didn’t even know what a tick looked like and had to ask Jared (who worked in the pet industry for years) to confirm.

Click on the image above to purchase FRONTLINE® Plus online at Walmart. Keeping dogs safe from fleas and ticks Keeping dogs safe from fleas and ticks Keeping dogs safe from fleas and ticks Keeping dogs safe from fleas and ticks

Ever since then I’ve worried about proactively protecting them so we can enjoy our nighttime walks. So why is walking my dogs my favorite time of day? SO many reasons.

  1. Exercise. It’s easy, it’s movement and it’s good for us!
  2. Getting Outside. Working from home, sometimes the day FLIES by and I’ve realized at the end of the day that I haven’t even gone outside. Walking the pups gets me outside if even for 30 minutes to an hour.
  3. The dogs love it. Both of our dogs are such good dogs, but if they haven’t gotten their exercise for a while they can be a little more hyper around the house meaning it’s harder for me to get a lot of work done.
  4. Meeting the neighbors. Walking the dogs is a great way to get out and meet/talk to/catch up with the neighbors.
  5. One on One Time with Jared. During the week walking the dogs is often our time to catch up on each other’s day. The time to talk over things, or just spend time with each other. It really is my favorite time of the day.

After that first time seeing a tick on Kona, I realized there were things we didn’t think about when walking through our neighborhoods of horse property, nearby fields, or when we take them up north to the woods, so finding a solution that could be used monthly year-round was important. After talking with our vet, I picked up FRONTLINE® Plus for Large Dogs (45-88 lbs) Flea and Tick Treatment on a trip to Walmart.

Keeping dogs safe from fleas and ticks

Keeping dogs safe from fleas and ticks

FRONTLINE® the #1 name in flea/tick control that’s been trusted by Vets (including ours) for more than 20 years AND works non-stop for 30 days. It doesn’t just kill adult fleas and ticks but also slays the next generation of fleas. It can be used on puppies as early as 8 weeks old (Dogs over 5lbs).
Keeping dogs safe from fleas and ticks

Keeping dogs safe from fleas and ticks

It’s simple to start protecting your dogs.
1. Remove 1 applicator from the package.
2. Hold upright with foil side toward you and snap applicator tip.
3. Part your dog’s hair between the shoulder blades. Place applicator tip just above the
skin and squeeze.
4. Apply entire contents of the applicator in a single spot. Repeat steps 1-4 every 30 days


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