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When we first posted about Tailored® personalized pet food and how they create a vet-recommended kibble blend for your dog’s unique needs after you take a quiz, I had no idea how much Kona would come to LOVE her Tailored dog food. Kona is slowing down a bit as she gets older so we knew we wanted to get her food for her needs but didn’t realize how much she wasn’t loving her old food until we switched to Tailored!

Tailored Personalized Pet Food Review from Our Senior Dog

The last year or so Kona has slowed her eating down a bit. It always happens in the summer here but skipping breakfast became a fairly normal thing for her. I didn’t even consider it was because she didn’t like the taste or texture of her food, she’d had it for quite a while. When we started transitioning her over to her Bison, Lamb Meal, Sweet Potato, and Lentil blend from Tailored she gobbled it up right away. After she was on the new food exclusively she was excited for mealtime again. I just realized that she hasn’t skipped a meal since! She absolutely loves her food and has been doing so great on it. I love the ingredients and supplements in her food that I don’t have to add-in.

Kona was an incredibly active puppy. So much so that we wondered if she’d ever calm down. Just in the last couple of years, she’s calmed down a bit during the day to what we’d consider active for a senior. She loves chasing lizards in the backyard, going on our nightly walks, and picking up any random toy to show anyone she can find. She’s definitely seemed like she’s been feeling great on her new food too. She loves to see what everyone is doing around the house. Her fur and skin look good and she’s just all-around a happy dog. If she could, I’m sure she’d highly recommend trying out Tailored if you’re looking for a pet food personalized specifically for your dog.

How to Order Tailored Dog Food + Discount Code

If you want to try out Tailored you’ll first take the quiz about your dog that takes about 3 minutes with questions about your dog’s age, size, breed, sensitivities and wellness goals, and you’ll get a vet-recommended kibble blend for your dog’s unique needs and it will exclude any sensitivities. If you want to order, you get your specific blend (that’s crafted in the US) and it will come fast with free delivery. You can have your dog’s recipe delivered as you need it on a regular basis or as a one-time purchase. I love that they have hassle-free subscriptions so you can make changes or cancel any time.

Looking for a discount code? Use code ALLISON60 (remember their subscriptions are hassle-free – no calling needed if you need to adjust) and you’ll save 60% on your first subscription order.


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