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I didn’t realize that I missed posting on Friday AND Monday. Sheesh I thought summer was about relaxing! Not in this house!

I’ve been keeping busy posting fun things over at All for the Boys (my boy inspiration/craft/fun blog), keeping up with my design team obligations for Two Peas, DHD, Pink Trike, and Three Paper Peonies, as well as scrapping for myself 🙂 So I guess that’s where all my blogging time has been going! Well, that and some fun projects that I can’t share yet 😉  not to mention my full time job!

Needless to say I do a lot of the stuff for me in the late night hours after the boys are in bed (all 3 of them) so I don’t feel like I’m neglecting any of them. Sure the laundry gets piled up, and the dishes stack a bit, but their and my life is happily busy.

The boys just got out of school for the summer and since I’m a work at home Mom I have a bit of a different day to day life than most. I’m working on showing you my summer schedule, not only to have something to share on the blog, but to hopefully hold myself accountable to the schedule!

Even though the schedule will be a little hectic I am very happy not to have to pack school lunches for a while. And I was even happier to throw these lunchboxes away (we will not be getting that kind again next year).


We threw them away because they were trashed, but we won’t be getting them again because everything fit weird in them, the bottom compartment was for sandwiches but one kid doesn’t really eat sandwiches and the other likes ham and cheese that needs to be kept cold, well so did the stuff in the other compartment, and 2 ice packs didn’t fit well or ever make it home!

We had some cool weather last week which we took full advantage of.


Cool evening golfing and S’mores!


I know I say it all the time, but I love this time of year 🙂 Arizona rocks!

What has your weather been like?!


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