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Sponsored by Wicked Edge.

If you have outdoor enthusiasts or home to professional chefs in your family and are looking for an EPIC gift idea that they may not even realize they want – you may want to consider a Wicked Edge Knife Sharpener. Wicked Edge is a small family-owned company that created an amazing quality knife sharpener for a wide variety of knives that can give you a razor-sharp edge – even if you’re new to the art of knife sharpening. My husband and 15-year-old are officially BIG fans.

Unique Gift Idea for Outdoor or Cooking Enthusiasts

Our teenaged boys have personalities as different as they look. We’ve developed similar hobbies and interests with each one over the years. Jared is actually the “main” chef in our house and Colton is following in his footsteps. He’s taking a culinary class this year and is loving it. They are also the hunters and big outdoor enthusiasts. Between these two hobbies, they definitely have a need for sharp knives from pocket knives, filet knives, to their favorite chef’s knife.

Our knives were looking a little sad and the sharpener we had was just not cutting it. We knew we needed something a little (or a lot) better for the job. We had googled and searched on social media and Wicked Edge kept popping up. It’s definitely a fan favorite and now we know why! The company is very community-driven and has a ton of resources on their online forums.

We got the WE130 Precision Sharpener with an Aluminum Base. It’s their most versatile sharpener with the ability to clamp the widest variety of knife grinds, gives the widest range of angles and the ability to adjust the angles independently. All of this AND it’s easy to use even if it’s your first time using a sharpener like this. It’s really cool how much control and freedom you have with your angle and edge geometry along with its ability to clamp SO many types of knives.

You can add on different stones to really customize your finish. Jared & Colton tried some out all the way up to the micro-fine ceramic stones pack and it created a razor-sharp edge. They love hanging out in the garage and working on sharpening all the knives we have around the house.

If you’re curious for more details including how-to articles and videos (and to purchase Wicked Edge products) check them out online

If you want to grab a unique but great WOW gift for the chef our outdoor enthusiast in your life – definitely look into Wicked Edge. You can find them on social media here: Instagram / Facebook  / Twitter 


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