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So the story behind this photo:

When the boys and I were in CA last we stayed with my Mom for a few days. We visited Irvine Park (and the zoo). First while at the zoo a bee landed on my leg while I was standing and proceeded to crawl up my shorts. After a breif freak out session trying not to move quickly and scare it into stinging me in inappropriate (and painful) locations, it flew out. Thank you Lord.

We were trying to decide whether we wanted to rent paddle boats or bikes. We decided on the bikes since we could go farther than a small pond. The boys chose these bikes and we started off fine (besides having to pedal ourselves because the boys would randomly break or stop pedaling uphill). We switched kids and took these photos

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Then we proceeded to get in a little speed competition which happened to come right before a downhill stretch. Right before the downhill I got in front so we sped downhill and turned right. For whatever reason my mom decided to turn left. But, um, apparently she turned a little too…fast? Luckily it landed on her side and besides a few scrapes on her they were fine.

After a near death experience bee sting and a bike roll over we decided to call it a day and get some ice cream 🙂




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