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I live in flip flops. I have a wide toe box (because of a previous surgery and just wide feet in general) and I hate hot feet and in Phoenix your feet are hot outside of a shoe let alone inside. I got a couple of comments on wearing flip flops at Walt Disney World and Disneyland so I thought I’d share with you my current favorite flip flops. You’ll see me wearing these 98.5% of the time.

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Best flip flops for a lot of walking

Obviously I am not a Dr. and can’t tell you what’s best for your feet. If you’re not used to wearing flip flops your feet will probably be tired no matter what kind you get. But, if you’re a flip flop lover like me and are looking for a pair to last you through the day. These are it. There wasย no break in period (I seriously killed my feet trying to break in Rainbow flip flops) and I wore them all 7 days at Walt Disney World, 1 day at Universal Studios and 3 days at Disneyland and I still pull them out every day for walks with the dogs.

Cobian Pacifica in Tan

I love the tan because I can wear them with black, brown or blue and they never look dirty (except maybe under your feet but mine still aren’t bad).

I love them so much, I just bought another pair.ย If you get them let me know what you think!


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  1. Heather Garcia Reply

    Thanks I will have to try these out. I wear flip flops all year round. I even have fancy ones for maxi dresses.

    • AllisonWaken Reply

      You’re welcome! Let me know what you think if you get them!

  2. I’m a flip flop girl myself too. I have no arch and super wide feet. If I wear a regular shoe I can’t for a long period of time, I feel like my feet are suffocating. I wore sandals everyday at Disneyland last summer. The best. I’ll have to check these out!

  3. Good to know! As a fellow Arizona girl, I love flip-flops. These ones are super cute…and look comfy too. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I feel like my feet are suffocating. I wore sandals everyday at Disneyland last summer. The best. Iโ€™ll have to check these out!
    Thanks for the recommendation.

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