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What’s the worst part about selling a home? Showing it! Keeping the house totally spotless for weeks on end in case someone wants to see it only to cancel or give a five hour timespan. Add in two big dogs and the middle of a Phoenix summer and it’s not fun. AT ALL. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve loaded everyone up and just drove around or got out at a park only to stay for 10 minutes because it was 110 degrees F. Where on earth do you go with two boys and two big dogs during the day in summer?!

I also ended up creating a sign that basically said there were big mean dogs inside and to not go in without an appointment because I was constantly worried that someone would come much later than they said they would or without an appointment. The dogs of course aren’t mean but I wasn’t sure how they’d act with strangers just marching in their home!

I had no idea selling your home without having to show it to buyers or even fix it all up was possible, but it is with Opendoor! It’s the coolest concept and I love how it works. Opendoor buys your home from you and simplifies the process of selling a home. They just need some basic information about your home to give you an accurate offer. You can even get a free offer on your home. A dedicated representative goes over the offer details with you and addresses all your questions.

So basically, once you request an offer and provide some basic information about your home to help Opendoor give you an accurate offer on your home, a home expert will prepare an offer for you using market data and the information you give them. Then you can go over your offer and sign when you’re ready (on your time). They arrange a free inspection and if there are any repairs you can just deduct the costs and they’ll do all the work. You get paid in days and can move on without worrying about the hassle of showing the home. How awesome is that?!

We’re currently trying to decide what we want to do with where we’re at now. We are a bit of a drive from the high school the boys are going to but the houses there are higher priced so we’d have to size down a little. I’m thinking that might be ok for a few years while we see what the market does and then re-visit in five years when the boys are in college and I know more about their journey (will they live at home, be home often etc.). I also won’t be tied to an area because of their schools so that opens up a whole new world! Jared & I both work from home so we don’t have to worry about location.

I do love fixing up the style of a home too. We had fun working on this one. I love our floors and how I updated the kitchen! I’m thinking a bigger fixer upper project might be fun too. SO many decisions.

Don’t make the mistake I did and mess with showing your home and having to entertain the kids and the dogs in the middle of summer. If you have a house picked out and you don’t want to have the stress of worrying about a double mortgage check out Opendoor! You can even get an instant home value report and see what your house is worth.  

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Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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