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Jared loves golfing. He’s one of those guys who can pretty much do well at any sport he tries. He’ll have bad days of course but I think he’s good. Decent enough to want to do it all the time anyway! I’ve been fighting him on going out. I think he has this dream of going out on the course with the boys (when their older) and his wife all dressed golfishly laughing and swinging perfect swings while we sip Arnold Palmers and he sips a Jack and Coke while smoking his cigar. 

This would mean I would actually play golf. I think it is SO boring. I’m sorry if you like golf, I love being outside but driving around hitting 4-5 x per hole for 4 hours does not get me jumping up and down with excitement. The driving range is fine, other than the old men excited to see a young blonde step onto the course. I can go hit 100 or so balls and leave but at least I’m doing something the entire time. Although, let me tell you about my last trip to the range…

Jared thought it would be a great idea to go to the driving range that pops up the balls for you. Sounds good to me – I chose to go onto the top level because it was something different. Bad idea. I swear I almost hit the people below me.  I literally hit myself in the face with my ball. Twice. No, seriously I did.

I also had some good swings but still. How is this game fun? I think I just want to be good but I still don’t know that I’ll like the whole 18 hole thing. Anyone like playing golf?

I will admit that I love spending time with him – maybe that’s what it’s about?



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