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Are you tired of Monopoly or maybe it’s been permanently taken off your family game night list like us? Either way, if you love to make memories with your family by playing games I’ve got some ideas for you that pass our family game night checklist. From quick and easy to a bit longer, there is definitely something for everyone here.

These games are great for families with older kids. If you have younger ones in the family that want to play, definitely go for games geared towards their age or let them “help” you with these. These are games we’ve played with our boys as tweens or teens and they all work well for just adults too.

Games for Your Next Family Game Night

  • Shut the Box – Roll the dice, add up the values, and then lay down the tiles that have the sum. Continue until you can’t lay anymore tiles down to match and write down your score or get them all down and “shut the box”. This one is a go to for us when someone doesn’t really feel “into” game night. It’s quick, easy and rarely ends in a family argument ;)
  • Tenzi – another quick and easy game that can actually be played with family on online chat too. Multiple ways to play and quick to learn.
  • Just One – everyone writes down a word to get one player to guess the “answer”. If you write the same word as someone else it can’t be used. If the player guesses the word based on the clues they get a point.
  • Beat That! – if you’re looking for a more lively game and love a good challenge, this one is for you.
  • Color Brain – you play color cards that answer a question (example: the most popular crayon color). Simple to understand and easy to play. There’s a Disney version too!
  • Skyjo – if your family likes UNO here’s another good one for you to try.

I hope that gives you a least one new game to try. I have other great ideas in my Amazon shop if you’re looking for more. Check it out here.

Mother and teenaged sons playing a game at a round table



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