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I love road trips. I am SO glad my boys love to travel as well. They’ve always been good little travelers. When they were 3 and 5 and flew the 6+ hours home from Kauai at the end of the flight the couple in front of us turned around and exclaimed “We completely forgot we were sitting in front of kids! They are so well behaved” Don’t get me wrong we’ve had our late night fussy flight from LAX but for the most part they’ve always loved it. Even when they were little!

I don’t even remember when we snapped these photos. Where we were going or what we were doing. (that’s what I get for not writing things down) but I still thought they were funny and worth recording as we are often in the car going somewhere!

I used the Chic Tags Hello Months, Vintage Note CirclesEveryday Life Notebook ATC, Mini Vintage labels & Bon Voyage Luggage tags


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