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I didn’t realize that the last time I posted was last Wednesday! We had a change of plans over the weekend and watched 2 extra boys for some friends who got to fly last minute to pick up their 2 kids they just adopted from Ethiopia. I have the extreme pleasure of photographing their homecoming! I can’t wait!

Saturday I had promised Parker that we’d go on a date and he chose the Science Center. 

My favorite part (which I wasn’t sure if I’d like) was Van Gogh Alive (the experience) which put his life’s work as a slide show shown on giant walls around the room to music with his quotes displayed as the slideshow went on. It’s really hard to explain and photography wasn’t allowed, but even Parker wanted to just sit and experience it for a good 15 minutes. My favorite quote:

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

Then Parker got hives, the kids woke up at 5am on Easter, I am in the middle of a bad reaction to gluten and a lot more. It was a weekend that’s for sure!


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