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If you love to be outdoors whether you’re full-on camping or some version of glamping (I do love camping cabins to make life easy) you discover there are certain things you HAVE to bring with you and some things that you could really do without. We’ve tent camped, pop-up trailer camped, RV camped, stayed in a camping cabin, and probably several more types in between. Here are some of our favorite camping items that you might want to check out for yourself or buy as a gift for your camp loving friends and family.

Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Camp

  • Our Favorite Coffee Maker – gotta have my coffee in the morning and this has been the favorite maker to date. You boil the water right in the container. It’s not insulated so you’ll need to keep it near the fire/camp stove if you don’t pour it all into mugs.
  • Insulated Mug – this is a MUST when camping if you like your coffee/tea/cocoa warm. The tumblers and water bottles are awesome too. I love this brand because it works just as well for my use as the much more expensive versions.
  • Camp Chairs – we’ve had chairs like this for years and they always seem to work for us better than the compact ones. Plus, we love the table/cup holders.
  • Dog Tie Out – if you camp with your dogs and will be where there aren’t any decent trees to tie them out to, this is the only tie-out stake that’s worked well for us.
  • Multi-tool – a must for emergencies or just everyday needs.
  • Dishwashing basket with handles – I had another tub to wash dishes in but this one is much more useful with its basket-like handles.
  • Water filtration system – though not something you’d need to use all the time if you’re bringing lots of water with you, this is definitely something you need to have with you when adventuring and is the perfect gift if your outdoors lover doesn’t have one. This one is a favorite too.
  • Over the Fire Grill – this makes dinners super simple (and delicious). There’s nothing like a good steak cooked on an open campfire.
  • A Good Underlayer if you’re camping where it’s chilly.
  • Camping mat or rug – whether you’re in a tent, in the car, or a camper/RV, having a big rug or mat outside helps keep it just a little bit cleaner. It also gives you a good place to stand when swapping out shoes. As a bonus, the dogs love it too.
  • A good, warm, cuddly, waterproof blanket is always a favorite.
  • This camp kitchen is awesome for off the grid camping if you want to be out for a while. It as a spot for your camp stove, a lantern, utensils etc.
  • A headlamp – it might seem silly, but sometimes not having to hold a lantern or flashlight is SO convenient!


Allison Waken is the founder, writer, photographer, and content creator of All for the Memories and All for the Boys.

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